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Parent-child classes are a delightful way for kids and adults to learn and enjoy being together.

Your child attends the 40-80 minute session with you or another caregiver (such as a grandparent or a nanny). The children work & play in a prepared Montessori environment while the adults observe, chat with each other, learn and talk about various parenting topics, and join their kids with the materials.

Clemmentine 2022-41

Build connections and community with other families

Clemmentine 2022-22

Bring more peace and confidence into your parenting


Understand and respond to your child’s amazing development


More than a classroom.

Clementine is a classroom, but it's also a community! Special events, live & virtual monthly parent discussions, and a private Instagram group help families navigate challenges and build friendships.

What parents are saying

"We have been so pleased with our time at Clementine! We enrolled my four year old daughter in the mixed aged class, and look forward to it every week. I love that she has the opportunity to try things that are new and challenging, while also getting to work with younger kids in class. My daughter uses the skills she has picked up with Miss Jessica at home, like cleaning up spills, and watering our plants. Our time in class together has also helped me see the amazing things my daughter can do when I give a little room to try. We are so thankful to have a place like Clementine so close to home!"


"Miss Jessica sets up her Montessori studio thoughtfully so kids can access the varying types of work with ease and comfort. My daughter loves the practical life work in addition to art, books, and puzzles; they keep her engaged and curious. We love our time in the classroom every week!"


"Our class at Clementine has been a great intro to Montessori for my daughter.  It’s been really nice to see her interact with the other babies in the class and to meet new moms with kids the same age. The room is set up perfectly for the babies to get around and find new things that they are interested in. We have really enjoyed our time together and look forward to more classes!"



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