My greatest hope is that when the children arrive at Clementine, they’ll feel that they’re in a place that was made just for them.

A Montessori classroom is a space that is bright, welcoming, and carefully prepared for the children: full of natural materials, activities that call to them, and furniture that’s perfectly sized.

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practical life

The children do purposeful work with real tools and materials. Food preparation, scrubbing, sewing, and self-care aid children’s fine-motor development and develop independence, concentration, and a sense of order and community.


Children learn about the world through their senses. The materials in the classroom help children internalize concepts such as object permanence, number sense, color, dimension, categorization, and cause & effect.



Birth through age three is a time of truly explosive language growth. Interesting objects, beautiful books, and language baskets provide opportunities for vocabulary development, engaging conversations, and early phonemic awareness.

gross motor

More than just play! Climbing, balance, and heavy work activities help children develop strength, coordination, and self-regulation.



Art and music in the Montessori classroom are process focused. Children explore simple creative materials and instruments individually and with classmates.


Activities designed to facilitate interaction and turn taking are the basis for early friendships. There’s no better sound than children laughing together!

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group gathering

Singing, finger plays, and movement games are a joyful way to end each class. Children learn to join and participate during this special time with seasonal songs and the favorites they look forward to each week.

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